Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is Not the Free America We Grew Up In.

This is not the free America we grew up in.


Lots of administrations lied like this. Some were disgraced; others escaped blame, but rarely was it so successfully covered up. If this succeeds, it'll repeat. Both parties will model their behavior after it, like children when one follows after the other is allowed to get away with something.

When our representatives don't fear lying to us, spying on us, stealing from us, politically targeting us and generally doing what's in their own interests instead of what we authorize them to do, it transforms the way we live. We end up changing our behavior out of concern over what they may do. It causes us to develop a second public face, become fake, conceal opinions, avoid economic risks and generally live defensive lives. It's not good for a people socially or economically, but it has happened at different times everywhere. So why should we be immune? After all, even our administration believes we're no different.